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Leirah and the Wild Man: A Tale of Obsession and Survival at the Edges of the Byzantine World is a historical thriller set in the 11th century. Leirah dreams of stealing a Viking longship, hunting pirates, and freeing the world's thralls. As if by magic, the dragon boat of her fantasies appears at her backwoods homestead, and a crew of seductive outlaws invites her to join them in terrorizing the rich with disguises based on the monsters of local folklore. But Leirah fears their secretive interest in her favorite brother Aven. She takes him and flees on an epic journey down the length of the Danube, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, through the gates of Constantinople, and into the last stronghold of the Goths. Read a free excerpt of the Kindle version at  Read a free excerpt of the Nook version at  Leirah and the Wild Man: A Tale of Obsession and Survival at the Edges of the Byzantine World is available in hardcover and ebook formats. You ca

The Grove of Thorismud

The Grove of Thorismud is a dark fairy tale romance. Rosemary accidentally sets off a hundred-year sleeping curse that ends the golden age of peace in her little forest kingdom. Several generations later, the next dynasty of Vepres falls to another curse that leaves its sole surviving heir, the Crown Prince Gustav, transformed into a beast. Twenty years after Gustav's curse and a hundred years after Rosemary's, two aspiring heroes converge upon Vepres: a farmer named Johann and nomadic wolf huntress named Bellynda, each one convinced of their own prophesied right to the throne. While Johann races to awaken Rosemary and her family, Bellynda infiltrates the castle next door, frees Gustav from his spell, and wins the race for the crown. She gives Johann the post of bishop, but he is not satisfied to take orders from a foreign woman. Rosemary adores her new husband Johann, but the frustrated bishop begins to treat her with escalating cruelty. Rosemary finds c